Having never made Irish Soda Bread before, was looking forward to baking this one.  It’s a very easy bread, I used all-purpose flour and the ever smelly Buttermilk. I mixed it all by hand and use a glass pie dish to bake it.

Before it went into the oven

 After it come out of the oven

It’s a great bread with tea, which I had the day after St. Paddy’s Day. I made it just like the receipt said, and didn’t add anything to it and still enjoyed it very much.

So if you would like to make your own Irish Soda Bread remember it not just for St Paddy’s Day you can find the recipe at the following Host sites

Carla of Chocolate Moosey

Cathleen of My Culinary Mission


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24 thoughts on “IRISH SODA BREAD

  1. I loved this recipe too!! Your bread looks great 🙂

  2. Wow! You got a really nice crumb!

  3. Your bread looks delicious. Yes, it was simple. I needed “simple” this week. Good job. Mary Hirsch

  4. your bread does look pretty fab!

  5. Piebird on said:

    looks like you got WordPress to behave, and the soda bread looks good too!

  6. heathersbytes on said:

    Your bread looks delicious! I’d never made it before either but I think it’s going to become a regular at my house 🙂

  7. Karen @ SoupAddict on said:

    I agree about the crumb – looks very tasty!

  8. Teresa on said:

    Nice job!

  9. The bread looks good. I then saw your next post about wordpress and that made me laugh out loud!! I too am having difficulty, nice to know I am not alone.

  10. Looks like the loaf was a success! Great post!

  11. Looks like it worked out perfectly.

  12. Your bread looks great! Sorry WordPress has given you such trouble!

  13. I think it would taste great with tea!

    (I think I’ve figured out most of what I want WordPress to do, but now Blogger is giving me a hard time about posting comments for others!)

  14. Finally I found you… another blogger who is struggling with WordPress. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to figure it all out. Wasn’t the Irish Soda Bread about the easiest thing ever to mix up and bake? Check out my blog if you get a chance. Would be fun to have someone to commiserate with and we could ‘learn’ together.

    Bon Appetit ~

  15. I totally agree with you…the recipe easy, the blogging more difficult! I am having problems with going on blogspot..not sure what my problem is…may need to call in the geek squad ha ha!1 ;0

  16. cookingjulia on said:

    Looks lovely!

  17. Your bread looks great! We enjoyed it too. 🙂

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