Learning WordPress….oh my

I have done some blogging before but with Blogger….lets just say WordPress is not  user friendly…well not please be patience with my site, by next week I will have it looking like I want it to look….(just like my curly hair someday) so grab a cup of coffee and read my 1st post on making White Loaves.


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3 thoughts on “Learning WordPress….oh my

  1. Thanks for the input – I’ve been debating about switching since wordpress seems to have a lot of features, but since I struggle with Blogger maybe I’ll stay there a while longer until I get used to blogging.

  2. Piebird on said:

    Funny! I started on WordPress, so can’t compare it to anything else. I’m a better baker than blogger, though. Am posting anonymously outside of the WordPress world as I haven’t figured THAT out yet. Your white loaves looked nice!

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