Baking with Julia


The last time I made bread

was in the 4thgrade

during our unit on Indiana History.

We all made bread in the school’s cafeteria.

I still remember the smell of the bread


getting to take a piece of bread home.

So fast forward 40 years,

 my first ever loafs of bread.

  I got the book from a co-worker until

  I get mine next week

  I read it twice and

started on my first ever bread making

which was kinda fun

  I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer

and it  did all the work,

thinking next time

I might

knead  it by hand

to get a good arm workout in.

One loaf was bigger then the other,


still need to find

the perfect place to rise the dough

Anyone have any helpful tips

where to place the bread to rise better?

The bread did  tasted wonderful


made  a killer grilled cheese sandwich


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26 thoughts on “WHITE LOAVES

  1. I left mine on the mantel above the fireplace. I imagine any heat source would work perfectly. They look great!

  2. Proofing is not a problem for me as I live in a really warm country… but even then, I tend to stick mine next to my fridge so that it gets the heat that comes off from that!
    Your loaves look good!

  3. If your oven has a light in it you can raise the dough in the oven. Take out the second shelf and put the other shelf on the very bottom. Leave the oven light on. Place the bowl or loaf pans on the shelf and leave the oven door slightly ajar. Or you can place your oven on the lowest setting and leave the door ajar and let the dough rise on top of the stove. The warm air will rise and make the area above warm. I use this method when the weather is cold…it keeps the kitchen warm. Your bread looks great!

  4. mmmmm, grilled cheese… Your bread looks fab! Cheers!

  5. Your loaves look fabulous!

  6. Looks like it got a beautiful rise to me. I say don’t change a thing! 🙂

  7. I agree with Lynette. Your White Loaves look great. Mine too, came out different sizes, but that was because I used different pan sizes — I only have one 8.5 x 4.5 pan.

  8. I used my oven also: turned it on the lowest setting for about 10 minutes, then turned it off and left the door open until it had almost cooled down again (my oven thermometer starts at 100 and I knew my apartment was 71 degrees so I used those to guage the oven temp). This worked really well for me, but in the past I’ve also used a small space heater and set dough on a laundry dryer. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

  9. Those look great! Now you can make more. 😉

  10. They look beautiful! I had one loaf turn out bigger than the other, too.

  11. I live in sunny California where our temperatures were 80’s last week, but just to make sure I put it on the stove top with the stove lights on (they for some reason are really warm) and everything rises perfectly!

    How fun to be baking bread all these years later! Looking forward to baking with you!

  12. I live in the North East so have learned to adjust my rising times accordingly. If I am in a bit of a hurry, I will place my bowl in a pan of warm water and cover the whole thing with a towel – when the water gets cool, I change it out. That always seems to speed things up…

  13. lots of people proof dough in a warm closet (usually the same that contains your furnace or water boiler) or at the top of the stairs… I usually crank my oven to 80F and leave it on for about a half hour, then turn it off, pop the dough in its bowl inside, close the door and come back at the allotted time and I have no problem with the proofing this way in the winter every time. In the summertime, the kitchen stays warm enough that this isnt an issue for me. You have some great looking loaves! And how cool that you got to bake bread in grade school!!

    • thanks…I still to this day remember we got to bake bread in school….and smell was wonderful ..just like it was in my kitchen last week…going to try the Cinnamon bread some have done…will make a great weekend bread…and just thought a great french toast too…I think i got the baking bug now….

  14. I usually let bread rise in the microwave with the door cracked open so the light stays on. its a pretty good warm spot. or turn your oven on to its lowest setting when you start making the bread, turn it off before you’re ready to let it rise, and check with your hand that its not too hot. if it is, leave it open for a moment to let it cool off.
    enjoy your bread!

  15. Great looking bread! I use the next to/on top of fridge idea, but the oven light one is interesting, I am going to try it!

  16. YUM! Your bread looks fabulous!

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