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Learning WordPress….oh my

I have done some blogging before but with Blogger….lets just say WordPress is not  user friendly…well not please be patience with my site, by next week I will have it looking like I want it to look….(just like my curly hair someday) so grab a cup of coffee and read my 1st post on making White Loaves.



Baking with Julia


The last time I made bread

was in the 4thgrade

during our unit on Indiana History.

We all made bread in the school’s cafeteria.

I still remember the smell of the bread


getting to take a piece of bread home.

So fast forward 40 years,

 my first ever loafs of bread.

  I got the book from a co-worker until

  I get mine next week

  I read it twice and

started on my first ever bread making

which was kinda fun

  I used my Kitchen Aid Mixer

and it  did all the work,

thinking next time

I might

knead  it by hand

to get a good arm workout in.

One loaf was bigger then the other,


still need to find

the perfect place to rise the dough

Anyone have any helpful tips

where to place the bread to rise better?

The bread did  tasted wonderful


made  a killer grilled cheese sandwich

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